Getting disability out of the silos.

Rabbi Regan is a sought after speaker and educator on Jewish disability issues. Rabbi Regan is available for Shabbat and weekday programming, professional development, and private consultation. 

Spiritual tools of the disability rights movement

Disability-informed spiritual leadership benefits everyone. The spiritual tools created by the disability rights community have broad applicability to a number of situations, including pregnancy, infertility, aging, and general resilience. 

For synagogues

Rabbi Regan is available for programming, speaking engagements, panels, and as a Shabbat scholar in residence. Some past talks include:

  • Using Jewish Culture to Understand Autism and Inclusion.
  • From Degradation to Praise: A disability informed approach to the haggadah.
  • All in for love: Why LGBTQ Jews and disabled Jews need each other.
  • Don't be a jerk: Applying Hillel's Golden Rule in Practice

For schools and youth organizations

Rabbi Regan provides high quality experiential programming for Hebrew schools, day schools, and youth organizations. Rabbi Regan can also customize programs for your community. Some past sessions include:

  • Accessibility scavenger hunt and text study (developed as an alternative to disability simulations)
  • "Can I play too?" (Roleplaying based on Mo Willems picture books).
  • Autism/disability Q&A.
  • Self esteem and empowerment for kids with disabilities.

for rabbis and cantors

Rabbi Regan has developed professional training specifically for Jewish clergy. Rabbi Regan can help you to better anticipate and support spiritual issues facing Jews with disabilities, family members, and disability professionals. Rabbi Regan can help you approach pastoral care, liturgy, programming, sermons, and every other aspect of spiritual leadership with a perspective informed by disability. These tools also help with general resilience, self care, and burnout prevention.

Rabbi Regan is available for:

  • Seminary instruction, semester-length or short-term.
  • Continuing rabbinic and cantorial education on disability issues.
  • Conference presentations and workshops.
  • On-site professional development.
  • Sermon sensitivity reading.
  • Liturgy help.
  • Private consultation and advising.

for educators

Rabbi Regan can help you improve your ability to teach Jewish adults and children with disabilities. Rabbi Regan takes a pedagogical content knowledge approach, and can help you to understand the ways in which disability affects perspective. 

Rabbi Regan is available for:

  • On-site professional development.
  • Webinars (past webinars produced for Matan can be found here).
  • Conference presentations and workshops.
  • Panels.
  • Troubleshooting and lesson plan help.
  • Individual and organizational consulting and advising.
  • Short-term pastoral counseling.

Secular Organizations

Rabbi Regan is available to secular organizations for both nondenominational disability education and Jewish cultural competence training.


The Torah taught me that we are all created in God’s image. The disability rights community taught me how to mean it..
— Rabbi Ruti Regan
We all are important and we all are ok.
— Sesame Street, "The Amazing Song"


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