Ritual that works.

Is your ritual doing what you want it to do?

Rabbi Regan can help you assess what's working, what isn't, and why. Rabbi Regan creates detailed assessments and practical recommendations. 

For instance:

  • Is your ritual sending a welcoming message to LGBTQ Jews?
  • How well does your outreach seder engage the Jews you're trying to reach?
  • Why do your services feel like they are too long?
  •  Does your Inclusion Shabbat treat Jews with disabilities as equal members of the community?
  • Is your affect undermining your authority or enhancing it?

Does something need to change?

Rabbi Regan can help you alter ritual in ways that feel authentic. 

For instance:

  • Modified b'nai mitzvah ritual for students with disabilities that appropriately honors their emerging Jewish adulthood.
  • Yom Kippur Avodah ritual in line with your community's values.
  • Altering liturgy that sends a degrading message about women and/or people with disabilities.

Do you need something new?

Ruti Regan can help you create ritual for new situations. For instance:

  • New prayers for communal concerns (eg: a prayer for the preservation of democracy).
  • Transition ritual (eg: coming out, running for office, leaving an abusive relationship.)
  • Solidarity ritual (eg: helping women claim power together).
  • Interfaith ritual (eg: prayers in response to a crisis or in shared commemoration of a significant event).
You can’t solve a ritual problem with theology or a mission statement. Ritual is art.
— Rabbi Ruti Regan


If you are interested in ritual consulting, you can contact Rabbi Regan via this form (or regular email.)

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